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Trustable emission testing for your vehicle

Driving a vehicle carries with itself a responsibility toward our environment too. Routine emission testing is therefore extremely important to keep a check on the level of your engine emission. Call us to get emission testing done for your vehicle.

At Gordy's Service Center, we provide proper emission testing to ensure that your vehicle qualifies for approval and stays within the legal limits of motor vehicle emission.


Our qualified staff will help you with the testings needed for your car to comply with the emission regulations of the state of North Dakota.

Keep your vehicle emission in control

With us, you get fast and reliable emission tests for your vehicle. Limiting the engine exhaust not only protects the environment but also reduces human health risks.


Be a responsible citizen by getting routine emission checks for your motor vehicle. Visit our auto shop located at 15556 37th St. SE today!

Fast and reliable emission check

Drive in at our service center and get a FREE estimate!

Get reliable vehicle emission checks done. Call

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